Results 2016

For all British Eventing results you can view the online listings on BDWP:

These are uploaded throughout the day as competition progresses.

Burghley Young Event Horse (Friday) and Arena Eventing (Sun) results can be found here:

Pony Club Team Show Jumping results are as follows:

70cm, Section A:

1st, Warwickshire
2nd, Quorn Thornes
3rd, Burton Spitfires
4th, North Warwickshire Daisies
5th, Atherstone Collies
6th, Vale of Aylesbury Rubies
7th, Pytchley Cubs
8th, Grove Blue
9th, Woodland Pytchley Cherries
10th, Fitzwilliam Foals

70cm, Section B:

1st, Atherstone Bassets
2nd, Grafton Red
3rd, South Notts Foxes
4th, Pytchley Pups
5th North Warwickshire Buttercups
6th, Bicester & Warden Hill
7th, Red Piece Juniors
8th, Cottesmore
9th, Heart of England Rising Stars
10th, Puckeridge Western Snaffles

80cm, Section A:

1st, Bicester & Warden Hill B
2nd, Flamstead Blue
3rd, Atherstone Foxhound
4th, South Notts Hares
5th, Grove Purple
6th, South Trent
7th, Vale of Aylesbury Emerald
8th, Grafton Blue
9th, Heart of England All Stars A
10th, Woodland Pytchley Maple

80cm, Section B:

1st, North Warwickshire Daffodils
2nd, Woodland Pytchley Oak
3rd, Warwickshire
4th, Puckeridge Western Weymouth
5th, Vale of Aylesbury Sapphire
6th, Belvoir Hounds
7th, Bicester and Warden Hill Red A
8th, South Wold South
9th, Atherstone Beagles
10th, Pytchley Owls

90cm, Section A:
1st, Quorn Hounds
2nd, Heart of England Shining Stars
3rd, Pytchley Hounds
4th, Fernie Flyers
5th, Atherstone Terriers
6th, North Warwickshire Lilys
7th, South Notts Foxes
8th, Fitzwilliam Flyers
9th, Cottesmore B
10th, Burton Harriers

90cm, Section B:
1st, Warwickshire
2nd, South Notts Hare
3rd, Grove Silver
4th, Northampton Oak
5th, Burghley Green
6th, Atherstone Spaniels
7th, South Trent Red
8th, Cottesmore A
9th, Belvoir
10th, Rufford Foresters