Terms and Conditions of Booking Trade Stands


19 – 21 May 2023


1.              APPLICATION.  Exhibitors must complete either the online or printed version of the Trade Stand booking form and forward it to the Horse Trials Organiser(s) (HTO) office together with the appropriate payment and documentation. Receipt of a Trade Stand Application form does not guarantee a space.  Public Liability forms and health and safety documents should be sent alongside the booking form at time of booking. Applications will not be confirmed until this information has been received.  Every exhibitor shall be deemed to have read and understood these terms and Conditions.  Trade Stand Bookings will close on Friday 20 April 2023, after this date no further bookings will be accepted. No Refund will be made to any exhibitor who, for whatever reason, does not attend the event, or cancels their booking after the above date. Receipt of application form does not necessarily guarantee a space.

2.              EXHIBITORS’ RESPONSIBILITIES.  The HTO will not be responsible in any way for any article, item, plant, machinery or object of any kind exhibited on the Great Park. The Exhibitor shall assume full responsibility therefore, including liability for all claims arising out of the event, handling, housing or storing of such exhibits and the conduct of the Stand generally.

3.              INSURANCE.  Exhibitors must take out comprehensive insurance for public liability & all other risks including fire and loss of business not only as regards their own property, but also against a third party claim. Any exhibitor employing people must have employer’s liability insurance to satisfy health and safety requirements.

4.              ALLOCATION OF SPACE.  The allocation of sites, including the positioning of trade stands, will be entirely at the discretion of the HTO. Event Sponsors will be given priority followed by shedding bookings and then on a first come first served basis.  Each exhibitor shall be strictly confined to the space allotted and paid for (this includes any vehicle required to be part of the stand).  In order to conform to the Great Park Plan, the HTO reserves the right to adjust the frontage and depth of any stand applications while retaining the same area in square metres.

5.              SUB-LETTING OR SPLITTING STANDS.  Exhibitors are forbidden from sub-letting any portion of the space allotted to them.

6.              CANCELLATION OF SPACE.  All persons who have booked stands and subsequently cancel the booking or fail to exhibit shall forfeit all fees and charges paid. The HTO reserves the right to re-let such space.

7.              ALLOCATION OF EXHIBITOR TICKETS.  Exhibitors will be allocated five single adult tickets for each Trade Stand space booked. Additional passes, if required, can be purchased on the day and will be charged at £5 per pass. Staff Car Parking – Staff or volunteers manning your stall/stands should park in the public car parks.  Ticket Refunds – Under no circumstances will refunds be made to trade exhibitors or their staff/volunteers who arrive at the entrance without exhibitor tickets and have to pay to gain admission to the show at full rate.  The HTO cannot be held responsible for lost or forgotten exhibitor tickets.

8.              SITE PREPARATION & COMPLETION.  Outdoor trade stand holders may begin preparation of their sites on the Wednesday prior to the show. Restrictions may be in place on the Thursday prior to the show if an extra day of competition is required. The setting up of all stands must be completed by 8pm at the latest on the Thursday evening.  All trade stand exhibitors must bring their trade stand permits to the Great Park and produce them when requested by an event official. All stands must be erected and be open for business from 9am until 5:30pm on each event day.

9.              GENERATORS & ELECTRICAL ITEMS. No independent generators will be allowed within the designated Trade Stand Area. Electrical Hookup can be purchased by contacting the HTO; Electricity will be in place for use on all three event days, Powering on 12noon Wednesday 17 May and off at 7pm on Sunday 21 May. All items used on site must be PAT tested.

10.           WIFI.  Unauthorised WiFi hotspots are not permitted on site. WiFi can be purchased by contacting the HTO. WiFi will be in place for use on all three event days.

11.           DISMANTLING OF STANDS.  Removal of stands may not commence before the end of competition on Sunday and all exhibitor materials are to be removed within 24 hours thereafter. Exhibitors’ vehicles arriving to remove stands will not be admitted to the Great Park before the end of competition on Sunday.

12.           LITTER.  Exhibitors are required to have their Stands and the portions of the adjacent avenues and pathways immediately adjoining their Stands cleaned up at the end of the Event. Caterers and exhibitors providing meals and foodstuffs and light refreshments must provide their own bins for waste food and ensure these are removed from the Great Park on departure.

13.           FOOD AND CATERING.  No Exhibitor other than the Event’s appointed caterers and officially booked. Food Stands will be allowed to sell food and drink for consumption on the Great Park.  Exhibitors are at liberty to make such arrangements regarding hospitality catering on their own stands as they may wish but are reminded that these must conform to Food Hygiene Regulations.  Exhibitors should ensure they purchase enough exhibitor passes in this instance to include catering staff, as HTO will not provide these.  Caterers should contact horsetrials@rockinghamcastle.com to discuss booking arrangements.

14.           ALCOHOLIC DRINKS.  Exhibitors are responsible to ensure that no alcoholic liquor is obtained from their stand by children or young persons.  Exhibitors selling alcohol must obtain their own licenses and must be able to produce them on request.

15.           CHEAP JACKS, HAWKERS, CANVASSERS & GAMES OF CHANCE.  No Cheap Jacks, Hawkers, or “mock” auctioneers shall be allowed to rent space and in the interest of all stand holders and the general public.  The sale of goods by shouting or annoying behaviour is forbidden, as is canvassing of the general public by pressure groups.

16.           PA EQUIPMENT & RADIO COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT.  The use of PA and Radio communication equipment MUST be authorized by the HTO. The use of Radio Microphones interferes with the public address systems used by the organisers for important announcements and information about the event and they may only be used if spare frequencies are agreed with the HTO.

17.           CHARITIES.  The collection of donations, sale of raffle tickets etc. is allowed only within the confines of the space booked by the particular charity concerned and must not be conducted within the walkways, roadways, avenues and car parks unless arranged with the HTO.

18.           POSTPONEMENT OR ABANDONMENT.  Exhibitors shall not have any claim against the HTO in respect of loss or damage whatsoever consequent upon the Event or any part of it failing (for whatever reason) to be held or having to be abandoned.

19.           COMPLIANCE.  All trade stand, auto-jumblers and craft stand exhibitors must be compliant with all current legislation and regulation relating to their business and exhibiting of their business.

20.           FIRE EXTINGUISHERS.  Exhibitors must have an appropriate number and type of extinguisher and other fire appliances on their stand, all must be in working order.

21.           RISK ASSESSMENT.  A completed Risk Assessment Form must be held on your stand for the duration of the event.

22.           HEALTH AND SAFETY REGULATIONS.  The Horse Trials has a safety policy.  A copy can be downloaded from the event website or found in the event programme.

23.           DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY.   The Event, its’ Officers or Servants shall not be responsible for any accident, damage, or loss however caused, that may occur to any exhibitor, or his servant, or to any article, animal, or property brought into the Great Park, or while entering or leaving the Great Park. Each Exhibitor shall be solely responsible for any loss, injury or damage that may be done or occasioned by, or arising from any machinery, or other article, or any animal, or property exhibited by him, and it is a condition of entry that each exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless the Event, the HTO, its’ Officers or Servants, from and against all actions, suits, expenses and claims on account of such damage, injury or loss.